Some Days are Better than Others (2010)

TRT 93 minuntes
16:9 HD (2010)


Some Days are Better Than Others is Matt McCormick’s poetic, character-driven debut feature-length film that asks why the good times slip by so fast while the difficult times seem so sticky. The film explores ideas of abundance, emptiness, human connection and abandonment while observing an interweaving web of awkward characters who maintain hope by inventing their own forms of communication and self-fulfillment..   [continue on]


I was the VFX Supervisor and the Second Unit Directory on Matt McCormick’s feature film, Some Days are Better than Others (2010).   I got to direct the second unit scenes, I did some compositing and I helped with the post workflow.  I shot some footage for a part in the movie called, “The Single Guy”, and I also shot some footage with Kellie Johnson, who’s character in the movie is auditioning for a reality tv show.  I appreciate Matt McCormick, David Cress and Neil Kopp for thinking about me for this project.  The best part was pickin my own actors and I was excited to be able to use Luke Clements again, so I cast him as the The Single Guy.”  Luke is one of the most under utilized actors in Portland.  I pushed Luke into acting and I always joke that I “Made Him!”   Sorta like Jeremiah made Golem out of clay and ash, I made Luke out of raw meat, soft tissue and sass.

“The Single Guy” Footage Featured on Some Days. 



The Audition Footage Featured on Some Days.



Here are come of the VFX shots.





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