Jingle all the Way (2011)

After almost six months of post production Jingle all the way finally made its way out of BENT IMAGE LAB.  I was the VFX Supervisor, the Colorist and a compositor on this project.  This beautiful stop motion piece came with much praise and many accolades.  With its amazingly beautiful color and pastoral sky’s it wowed adiences and got into the ANNECY 2012 Film Festival.

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It was an amazing adventure, a testament of pure will and determination. Thanks to Fred, Steph, Cam, Chel, Tsui and the rest of the awesome team that was able to put it all together.

NY Times has a great article on this Animated Special and I am very exited to finally have it seen by the rest of the world.
Jingle all the Way via NY Times

Some of the images of Jingle..