brother boy (2006)

TRT 17:37 minuntes
16:9 HD (2006)


Brother Boy, directed by Jalal Jemsion, tells the story of two twin brothers making decisions about love and hate. Beautifully set against the backdrop of Portland’s Sauvies Island and surrounding neighborhoods by Marc Greenfield. Brother Boy stars Luke Clements, J.J. Osterhaus, Maurice Jemison, and Kyle Ruth with vocals by Tara Jane O’Neil.


After working several years at a film school, Marc continued as a national commercial director/cameraman for the past 6 years. His credits include an Emmy and several Canne finalists. He has shot a number of music videos, documentaries, and short films. He hails from the small town of Albany Oregon where he plugged his nose as kid to avoid the smell of the paper mill. He promptly left and started a new life.


Emily Bulfin has collaborated with Jalal Jemison on several projects under their Portland based companies. Together they have produced work ranging from the official movie website and theatrical trailer for Miranda July’s feature film, Me and You and Everyone We Know to title design and digital media for local filmmakers, artists and fashion designers. Emily’s independent work includes working as the Assistant Art Director during the production of Me and You in LA and more recently as a textile and surface designer at the design firm Laundry in Portland. Emily is currently at work on her own film project in collaboration with choreographer Tahni Holt, which is funded in part by a RACC grant. Emily produced and art directed Brother Boy.


Luke Clements is a character actor/writer that has been in all of Jalal Jemison’s films including Where’s Eddie? in which he played an Alien named Touch Down. In Brother Boy Luke play’s both characters, Jay and Bennie, in two dynamic and passionate performances side by side. When not writing and acting, Luke plays in his bands Science of Yabra and Old Growth in Portland, Oregon.




Songwriter, guitarist, and singer, Tara Jane O’Neil¬†(The Sonora Pine, Retsin, Rodan) performs a haunting and beautiful vocal score to Brother Boy. Find out where you can see Tara Jane O’Neill on tour by visiting ¬†

Selected Screenings (2006):

* Peripheral Produce, PDX Fest, Portland, OR
* OPB’s, Oregon Lens, Portland, OR