Chrysta Bell – Bird of Flames

I colored a music video for Chrysta Bell, directed by Chel White.  It is an amazingling hypnotic and beautiful music video, very much in the vien of surreal cinema with Chels very Northwestern Sensibility.

The song, Bird of Flames, once you listen to it, will stay with you.  For me it’s like i’m being haunted, while I’m wide awake, but haunting in the most surreal peaceful way.  Almost like if Casper the Ghost where a Buddhist Monk.

The music video with its deep music and stunning visuals becomes a complete experience, it’s like you realize your flying out of control, but then finding out your never going to crash, and you embrace the chaos.

The Music Video was also selected for Cannes.  David Lynch produced this record and its an honor to be able to work on the video for one of the songs of that record.

Chrysta Bell
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Chel White